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This community blog has shared some great articles in the past and the time to revive it draws nigh.



I have some post ideas in mind and will commit to write a post every other week for two months to help kick things off if better content or ideas don’t surface. Please use the comments to suggest ideas for a longer form article or anecdotes that might be of interest to the readers of Ask Different.


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  • Greg Brown says:


    Are you still looking for blog ideas? This is absolutely a shameless plug, but I’ve been working on an open-source project for simplifying iOS app development for the past few months and I’m trying to get the word out about it:

    From the project docs:

    “MarkupKit is a framework for simplifying development of iOS applications. It allows developers to construct user interfaces declaratively using a human-readable markup language, rather than programmatically in code or interactively using a visual modeling tool such as Interface Builder.

    “Building an interface in markup makes it easy to visualize the resulting output as well as recognize differences between revisions. It is also a metaphor that many developers are comfortable with, thanks to the ubiquity of HTML and the World Wide Web.”

    An abbreviated introduction to the framework is available here:

    Hope you find some value in it!

    Greg Brown

    • bmike says:


      Thank you very much for the excellent comment. Before I say yes or no, could you elaborate on how this tool would be used by end-users? My initial reaction is that a development framework would be better suited for the Stack Overflow blog as opposed to the Ask Different blog. I would like to support your efforts to make a developing quality software better please let me know what I can do to help with that regardless of whether your tool ends up on this blog or elsewhere.

      Cheers – bmike

  • Greg Brown says:

    Hi bmike,

    I tried to reply earlier but I think I forgot to check the “I’m not a robot” box. You are correct that MarkupKit is a developer tool – I apologize for the confusion.

    I would definitely appreciate any suggestions you might have!

    Thanks, Greg

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