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According to iTrivia: All About Apple, I probably love Windows Vista.

Interestingly enough, I do love Windows Vista and use it as my primary operating system at home.  My next computer will be a Macbook, but until the budget allows it I’m stuck with what I have.  Fact is, I got Windows Vista with my computer and have never had any issues with it.

Anyway, iTrivia: All about Apple is a multiple choice trivia game for iOS  from the developer ‘the binary family GmbH’.

This game has a lot of polish.  It has smooth game show music that reminds me of the background music from The Weakest Link that plays while contestants are thinking about the available answers. As the name suggests, the questions are all about Apple.  There are five catagories, including a history category that has questions ranging  pulled from obscure information before the official beginning of Apple to most of the latest events.  As of this writing, there’s nothing about Steve Jobs passing. The other categories are Hardware, Software, People, and Miscellaneous.

Like many Facebook trivia games, this game takes you through rounds of ten questions and then gives you a score, which is accompanied by a message that is determined by how well you did.  It’s this message that suggested I love Windows Vista when I did particularly poorly.  During the rounds, each question is accompanied by a 20-second timer.  If the timer runs out, the game marks the question as wrong and moves on to the next one.

The standard rules for multiple choice quizzes apply:  Don’t second guess yourself and pick the answer that you feel the best about, even if it doesn’t seem as right logically.

The game supports multitasking, so you think it would be easy to cheat, but timer continues to count down while the game is in the background.  At least I think that’s what it’s supposed to do.  After updating to iOS 5 the game crashes when you load it after going to the home screen or another app.  This doesn’t bother me because of it’s usefulness in cheating restriction.

You can choose to review questions you missed by category, which would be useful to memorize random Apple facts, but I haven’t used the feature much.  I’d rather read stories or articles about this type of information.



I don’t usually enjoy quizzes, but I had fun with this game.  I downloaded it the day Steve Jobs died to satisfy my need to find out more about him.  What I didn’t expect was for most of the people questions to be about other key Apple employees; yes, it has questions about Steve, but the makers of the app really did their research and included questions pulled from a large wealth of information.  It’s one of the best multiple choice quiz games I’ve played on the App Store, but take that for what it’s worth as I’m very partial to the subject matter.

Rating: 5/5

iTrivia: All About Apple is available for $0.99 in the iOS App Store.


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  • Rob says:

    Sorry, but that first question makes me think this trivia game is complete trash. There’s no correct answer, not even a “none of the above”.

    • Kyle Cronin says:

      Wow, I didn’t notice that at first but you’re right! I downloaded it to try it out and it seems pretty well done with interesting questions, but there are a few that are just wrong, either by not having a correct answer or having the correct answer have a typo – I got one where the “correct” answer was “WWCD”.

    • says:

      Rob, you’re right!

      Dock this app two stars from my official rating for inaccuracy.

      You can dock my review some stars for inaccuracy too.

    • Dear James, a belated thanks from all of us at the binary family for your enthusiastic review. Rob and Kyle are both correct – these are the two embarassing typos that everyone’s been emailing us about since we launched iTrivia in February.

      The good news – our first major update was released last week, with these typos fixed, other questions updated, and several new questions added. Also, we’ve added a Spanish language translation, contributed by Apple fans in Chile.

      We hope you’ll give our app another chance to earn back those stars! If you see any other mistakes, please contact us at support(at)thebinaryfamily(dot)com.

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